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Our users swap the products they do not use


Borrow the things they do not have, or lent them stuff to others


With “wanted” you can request a specific product og service, it might be out there!

Give Away

Give away stuff to other users that they no longer need—you can even put yourself available for a service!

Why Chose Us

Locked Community

With Sharepeeps, it´s possible to lock communities so that example, only employees of a company or members of a housing association can access to your own community with a QR og password.


Sharepeeps offer business market a prof back- end system where admin can invite members, create communities, sent push messages, draw statistics and much more.


Do we have to buy everything we need? The answer is NO. Sharepeeps lets you swap, borrow and give away goods and services. You can even post a “wanted item” and hope another user have what u need, all for free!

Exclusive Design

Sharepeeps is with the green wire, designed and developed to be absolutely simple, easy and user-friendly.


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Our Team

Danny Paulsen


Mathilde Kolby ...

E-commerce Trainee & Manager

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Sharepeeps is the only one of its kind in the world that offers an app based solely on circular economics and share economic gains.
Reduce, reuse and recycle (R3) are the three essential components of environmentally-responsible consumer behavior. Sharepeeps handle them all!
Yes! Sharepeeps is a sustainable solution and branded as such. The brand value and goodwill will affect our customers as well, characterizing them as undertakings that take social responsibility (CSR)
In order to access a particular community (a company or association), it requires that the company in question has a Sharepeeps account. If you do not have access yet, contact us today! Sharepeeps offers a number of free communities so users from all around the world can enjoy our app 100% free!
Yes! There are no restrictions on which companies there can access their own closed community, so whether you're a small sports club, medium housing association or a larger company, you can make a big difference and take a step closer to a green world. Contact us as soon as possible so you can hear more about your benefits!
Sharepeeps offers several types of ads in our app. However, all closed communities will always be 100% free of advertising. Do you want to advertise on Sharepeeps? Then contact us and get a non-binding offer.

Contact Us

Adress: Sharepeeps ApS, Vinhusgade 11B – 4700 Naestved, Denmark

Please fill out the contact form or sent us a mail at contact@sharepeeps.org

You can also call us at phone +45 70 60 60 11 all days (mon-fri) from 8 am to 5 pm.

We are also available on facebook chat, so please like out site and chat direct with us.

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