Are you ready for a green transition? Reduce your waste of resources with the best circular system

We take Businesses in hand and lead them into a green CSR world


Sharepeeps ApS is a professional and specialized company with focus on cirkular economy, ressource optimisation, waste of ressources and CSR. (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Sharepeeps offers professional and strategic sale and counselling in CSR, sharing economy and furthermore within the "Green Transition"

It is very important for Sharepeeps, that you as a company, association or municipality that works with green efforts, can get access to a tool that contains every benefit and makes a perceptible change.

Sharepeeps is placed in Næstved City in Denmark but with the online strategy, we can handle the entire world. Therefore Sharepeeps is your right choice when your company, association or municipality should focus on ressource optimisation or a green transition.

Sharepeeps vision is to make a green international community by sharing economy without any land boarders.
Sharepeeps ApS was originally founded in 2016 but was aquried by the current owner and CEO Danny Paulsen in January 2018.

Sharepeeps app has since the aquried been closed down due to errors and missing maintenance.
While the App was closed down, a new concept and strategy was founded as well as a newly developed back-end system

The new app was launched 24 August 2018 with a great reception, where Prominenz people as the Mayor Carsten Rasmussen, the CEO at Næstved Erhverv Rasmus Holst-Sørensen and other politicians participated.

After the release of the redesigned app and the user friendly back-end system for the business customers, Sharepeeps was very quickly invited to many "Green" initatives among others Green Day in Viborg municipality.

Sharepeeps is selected from 50 companies out of more than 800 applicants to participate in GTC (Green Tech Challenge) which is associated with Microsoft, KPMG, Copenhagen EU Office, The Social Capital Fund(DK), Innovationcenter Denmark and several more.

It's an honour for Sharepeeps to be represented in GTC 2018 given that 3000 worldwide business owners and investors participates in this green event.

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The owner of Sharepeeps ApS has through the previous 17 years worked with sales, service and marketing in the IT and telecommunication industry.
Throughout these experiences Danny has achieved a powerfull knowhow and technical insight in mobile apps and digital platforms which benefits Sharepeeps customers and collaborators.

In addition Danny has a number of years experiences with public and state customers, which has a huge effect on his knowledge in public digitisation and his today position.

Furthermore Danny has been sales and business manager for a Cloud product in the business to business market for one of the biggest telecompanies in Denmark, where he contributed in the development for a successful business strategy.

Danny acquired Sharepeeps in January 2018 where he immediately established a professional Advisory Board to create competent feedback in the company.

Accordingly Danny has planned and developed a system and a app that facilitate a number of sharing economical advantages to the entire Business to Business market - Not only in Denmark but for the whole world.

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The E-Commerce Trainee in Sharepeeps Mathilde is 23 years old and moved to Zealand from Jutland in 2017. She is a creative person with a great passion for Online marketing and marketing strategies with flair for Social media marketing.

Mathilde is educated in the two years study programme AP Degree in Marketing Management, which consist of marketing, economically and management theories and a practically internship. She graduated from the Business Academy in Herning.

Mathilde is now enrolled in the Top-up PBA education in Digital Concept Development at the Business Academy in Køge, which has learning goals in Digital marketing, E-Commerce, Design and Business development.

In that connection Mathilde is at a ten week internship at Sharepeeps where she manage the communication, design, creative content creation and online marketing at Sociale medias and the e-commerce regarding SEO and website development.

In connection with the internship Mathilde is writing her Bachelor assignment in digital concept development and online marketing.
Danny Paulsen

Danny Paulsen

Mathilde Kolby

Mathilde Kolby

E-Commerce Trainee


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Swap products or services to something you need. It benefits you and other users!


Lend products to other people or borrow something you need. It saves you and other users money and benefits our environment!


Search for a specific product or service you need, so you dont have to buy it. It benefits you and our environment!

Give Away

Giwe away things you no longer need, it benefits other users and our environment!

Why Chose Us

Exclusive Design

Sharepeeps is with the green thread, designed and developed to be absolutely simple, easy and user-friendly. It has to be simple to Go Green!

Private Communites

With Sharepeeps it´s possible to create locked communities. A locked community gives the opportunity to invite selected members. The community can be entered by an unique QR-code or a password .

Backend for Business

Sharepeeps offers the business and public market a professional back-end system, where administrators can create private communities and invite members. You can also make Push-notifications, make data collections, draw stats and much more.

Sharing Is Caring

Do we have to buy everything we need? The answer is NO. Sharepeeps let you swap, borrow and give away products and services. You can even request for a product in the wanted category and hope another user have what u need.


Sharepeeps has an unique market position, where they offers an app and a professional back-end system solely on sharing economi and circular profits.

Sharepeeps offers an unique opportunity to create private communities to businesses, municipalities and associations, which can easily be managed by a personally login. In the private communities it is possible for the members to swap, borrow and give away products or services very easily.

Sharepeeps focus on strengthen the relations by sharing. which have a huge positive impact for both you, the society and the environment.

Sharepeeps is a system based on Sharing Economy with the purpose to control the excess consumption and lead Denmark to a green future.

Sharepeeps brings the sharing economy to life.
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are the three most essential components in an environmentally-responsible behavior.

Accordingly every of these three essential components is implementet in the app, where the users can Share, Swap, Give Away and Wish for specific products or services, to create a more green world.

Sharepeeps is environmentally friendly.
Yes - Sharepeeps is a sustainable concept.

Sharepeeps is a green and sustainable solution, which make it more easy to reuse and recycle than buying new products.

The environmental conscious brand value and goodwill of Sharepeeps will affect business customers very positvely, by characterizing them as a company, municipality or association with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

It must be more simple to protect the environment than devastate it.
Sharpeeps has developed different types of memberships.

For the consumer market there is several open communities, which is 100% free for everyone to use. The open communities is divided into regions to sort the posted products and services by geography.

Its very easy and 100% free to get access to the open communities. You must only Download the free Sharepeeps app, create a free account and select the free communities you are interested in.

For the business customers there is an unique opportunity to create private and locked communities by a monthly payment, with options as unique stats, push notifications and data collections about the members consumption behaviour.

In order to access a particular community it requires a Business Sharepeeps account and login.
If you are interested in knowing how to get started, prices and other information, do not hesitate to contact us for a non-binding talk about your Green options.
Sharepeeps offers several types of ads in the app.

It's an option to advertise in the open communities with many consumer members however the private communities will be 100% commercial free.

Do you want to advertise on Sharepeeps?

Then contact us and get a non-binding offer.

Contact Us

Sharepeeps ApS, Vinhusgade 11B - 4700 Næstved, Denmark.
Telephone: +45 70 60 60 11
Monday - Thursday from 8AM - 5PM.
Friday from 8AM - 4PM