Sharepeeps has an unique market position, where they offers an app and a professional back-end system solely on sharing economi and circular profits.

Sharepeeps offers an unique opportunity to create private communities to businesses, municipalities and associations, which can easily be managed by a personally login. In the private communities it is possible for the members to swap, borrow and give away products or services very easily.

Sharepeeps focus on strengthen the relations by sharing. which have a huge positive impact for both you, the society and the environment.

Sharepeeps is a system based on Sharing Economy with the purpose to control the excess consumption and lead Denmark to a green future.

Sharepeeps brings the sharing economy to life.
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are the three most essential components in an environmentally-responsible behavior.

Accordingly every of these three essential components is implementet in the app, where the users can Share, Swap, Give Away and Wish for specific products or services, to create a more green world.

Sharepeeps is environmentally friendly.
Yes - Sharepeeps is a sustainable concept.

Sharepeeps is a green and sustainable solution, which make it more easy to reuse and recycle than buying new products.

The environmental conscious brand value and goodwill of Sharepeeps will affect business customers very positvely, by characterizing them as a company, municipality or association with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

It must be more simple to protect the environment than devastate it.
Sharpeeps has developed different types of memberships.

For the consumer market there is several open communities, which is 100% free for everyone to use. The open communities is divided into regions to sort the posted products and services by geography.

Its very easy and 100% free to get access to the open communities. You must only Download the free Sharepeeps app, create a free account and select the free communities you are interested in.

For the business customers there is an unique opportunity to create private and locked communities by a monthly payment, with options as unique stats, push notifications and data collections about the members consumption behaviour.

In order to access a particular community it requires a Business Sharepeeps account and login.
If you are interested in knowing how to get started, prices and other information, do not hesitate to contact us for a non-binding talk about your Green options.
Sharepeeps offers several types of ads in the app.

It's an option to advertise in the open communities with many consumer members however the private communities will be 100% commercial free.

Do you want to advertise on Sharepeeps?

Then contact us and get a non-binding offer.

Contact Us

Sharepeeps ApS, Vinhusgade 11B - 4700 Næstved, Denmark.
Telephone: +45 70 60 60 11
Monday - Thursday from 8AM - 5PM.
Friday from 8AM - 4PM
Mail: support@sharepeeps.dk